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Accidents With Amazon Delivery Trucks

Amazon, in partnerships with UPS, FedEx, DHL and the United States Post office, utilizes hundreds of thousands of trucks across the country to carry out their massive operations. Like any other truck, they can cause serious motor vehicle accidents which result in injuries. The Massachusetts-based personal injury attorneys at Altman & Altman LLP are here on your behalf to help you get compensation for these injuries.

According to some estimates, Amazon delivers over 608 million packages every year (1.5 million packages every day) across the world. That’s almost two packages for every single American citizen. Such a huge amount of packages requires a lot of shipping power and, by extension, a lot of large trucks with large loads logging huge numbers of miles across the nation each day.

When Amazon first started to explode in popularity back in the early 2010s, they mainly utilized the services of huge delivery services like UPS and FedEx to deliver their packages. However since they have become such a giant of industry, they are starting to experiment more and more with purchasing their own trucks and emblazoning their logo on the side – creating a brand of Amazon delivery to accompany their other services.

Additionally, Amazon has tried to streamline the delivery process for drivers, making it simple to sign up and deliver for them and ease the process at distribution centers for drivers by making the experience more automated and less complicated. As a result, the number of drivers delivering for Amazon has increased dramatically in just the past year. Accordingly, the number of Amazon deliver-related accidents have gone up.

Delivery Driving is Dangerous

Driving larger trucks with a full load is not something that is meant to be simple. These trucks are sometimes full tractor trailers, which can cause severely damaging injuries and even fatalities to other motorists and pedestrians, and the drivers of such trucks have to shoulder a huge responsibility to be aware and alert at all times for other motorists and pedestrians.

Delivery drivers may cause accidents by:

  • Not checking blind spots for cars and turning, causing a major collision
  • Taking a turn too widely and hitting oncoming traffic
  • Trying to drive too quickly in order to make more deliveries or make up for lost time, recklessly causing a collision or hitting pedestrians in a crosswalk
  • Being under the influence of alcohol, drugs or driving while distracted
  • Driving while too tired to properly react to unexpected situations

Any of these types of accidents render the driver of the delivery vehicle liable for any injuries which are sustained by any other motorists or pedestrians. Especially in regards to pedestrians, the size and damage capability of these delivery trucks may result in permanently debilitating injuries, such as broken bones, partial paralysis or necessary amputations, if not outright fatalities.

If you have been injured by an Amazon delivery vehicle, you may be unable to work and may be footing the bill for huge medical costs and rehabilitative treatment. The personal injury attorneys at Altman & Altman LLP have over 50 years of experience fighting on the behalf of our clients who are injured and find themselves unsure of how they are to pay these expenses, especially since they are often unable to resume working.

We will take the time to go over your case, figure out a plan of action and aggressively pursue that plan until we achieve a satisfactory result on your behalf. We will help handle insurance companies and advocate for you in the courtroom if necessary, so you can focus on your recovery. Call for a free consultation today at 617.492.3000 or toll-free at 800.481.6199. We are available 24/7.

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