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Chemical Burn Injury

The Greater Boston Law Firm of Altman & Altman, LLP has been representing individuals who have suffered from chemical burns for nearly five decades. Many of the cases that we have handled are the result of individuals who have suffered significant burns while on the job. While these cases often fall under the Workers' Compensation laws of Massachusetts, sometimes there is a third party also responsible for the accident and they too need to be held accountable.

Chemical burns occur when a victim’s skin or eyes come into contact with a strong acid/base; resulting in tissue damage. Chemical burns are often very painful and can require a great deal of medical treatment. While many chemical burns are sustained on-the-job, victims may be injured in a number of different settings - including in the home.

In addition to physical and emotional pain, chemical burn victims and their families frequently face a great deal of financial stress following an accident. In the wake of a chemical burn mishap, many legal questions commonly arise regarding compensation from liable parties. Victims of chemical burns may be entitled to compensation through a MA Workers’ Compensation Claim and/or a MA Chemical Burn Lawsuit, depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident. Given the complex nature of Chemical Burn Lawsuits in Massachusetts, it is usually in the victim’s best interests to hire an experienced MA Chemical Burn Attorney to handle his or her case.Chemical Burn Representation at the Greater Boston Law Firm of Altman & Altman, LLP

For over 40 years, the Greater Boston Law Firm of Altman & Altman has successfully represented thousands of injured clients. At Altman & Altman, our experienced team of Greater Boston Personal Injury Attorneys will work diligently to get you the legal compensation that you are entitled to as quickly as possibly. Our firm delivers legal advice of the highest quality and has recovered millions of dollars in settlements, claims and jury awards on behalf of our clients.

At the Massachusetts Law Firm of Altman & Altman, we understand the immense financial burden that chemical burns often have on victims and their families. Our firm will handle every aspect of your case and will field all of your legal questions in order to put your mind at rest.

Our firm’s dedicated team of Massachusetts Chemical Burn Lawyers will file suit against all liable parties. At Altman & Altman, we have the resources necessary for large scale litigation and will not hesitate to take your MA Chemical Burn Lawsuit to trial if an acceptable settlement cannot be reached. We will zealously advocate on your behalf in order for you to receive legal compensation for your injuries, including payment for:

  • Medical Bills
  • Lost Wages (Past & Future)
  • Rehabilitation Costs
  • Injuries / Disfigurement
  • Pain and Suffering
Massachusetts Workplace Chemical Burns

The use of harmful chemicals is common practice in numerous industries across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. When a chemical burn is sustained in the workplace, the victim may be entitled to financial relief through a MA Chemical Burn Workers’ Compensation Claim. Our team of attorneys will file a Workers’ Compensation Claim and will provide the legal services necessary to obtain payment from liable parties for medical bills, disability payments, rehabilitation costs, compensation for disfigurement/scars and the cost of job retraining.

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If you or a loved one has sustained a Chemical Burn, please do not hesitate to Contact the Greater Boston Law Firm of Altman & Altman to schedule a Free Initial Consultation with one of our experienced Massachusetts Chemical Burn Attorneys. Our phones are answered around the clock, 7 days a week. In addition, all emails received are responded to immediately. Contact us by phone at 617.492.3000 or toll-free at 800.481.6199 or Contact Us Online.

The MA Law Firm of Altman & Altman represents Chemical Burn victims on a contingency fee basis - We Do Not Collect a Fee Unless We Recover on Your Behalf.

Client Reviews
David was very aggressive and professional with the insurance companies in this settlement of this case. He kept me up to date on a regular basis through the whole process. I can't thank David and his staff enough and strongly recommend them to anyone. - Edward M. Newton MA
On the behalf of all the Bikers in Massachusetts .... Dave Altman is the man you want representing you. He treats you like family from day 1. His team will recovers any and all damages you are entitled too. Tell him Kathy sent you. - elentless MC
Rick Floor is who I often to go to and he is amazing! Great customer service, and always exceeds my expectations but the whole office is always pleasant and helpful when I call or walk in! - Rita
I am not very good at words. I was involved in a horrible accident. David and his team (Thank You Asia & Rick) are wonderful, talented and compassionate. If it were not for their help, I don’t believe the outcome would be as good as it is. I am glad my case is settled, Altman & Altman are my go to team from now on. Thank you so very much. - Christine F M Teixeira
Exceptional team of attorneys, very helpful and knowledgeable. - Nikki Vee