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Crane Accidents

In almost all large construction or manufacturing projects, cranes are necessary to move large or heavy loads. With approximately 125,000 cranes being used today within the construction industry, and more than 250,000 workers operating cranes, injuries caused by crane accidents are not uncommon. According to the website, there were 303 accidents involving cranes in 2009 and 197 deaths from those accidents. This was a decrease from 2008's numbers, of 401 accidents and 217 deaths, but shows a general increase in incidents since 2000, when there were 184 accidents and 74 deaths.

Crane accidents can occur for a number of different reasons. Crane accidents often happen when a crane strikes or hits power lines and electrocutes the crane operator or others. Accidents like this account for 45% of all crane accidents. In addition, if the crane’s load is too heavy or not properly secured, or if the crane itself isn't on sturdy ground and tips severe injuries can occur. Tipping injuries occur most often with mobile cranes, accounting for nearly 75% of all mobile crane injuries. Further, some crane related injuries are the result of improper maintenance or operation. In some cases, crane operators don’t have the necessary training or experience to operate and maintain the crane properly as to prevent injuries.

In most cases, the crane operator is not the one that is most severely injured. In fact, crane operator injuries account for only 10% of crane related injuries, whereas injuries caused to bystanders account for the remaining 90%.

Crane Accident Prevention & Regulations

There are several precautions crane operators and manufacturers can take in order to make the use of a crane significantly safer. These precautions include in depth and up to date training for crane operators, supervision of crane operators and others, and updated crane inspections. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which oversees and regulates crane safety information, estimates that almost 90% of crane operators are not certified, accounting for a large number of accidents. In addition, crane operators should always ensure that the crane isn’t lifting loads that are too heavy for the crane to handle, that the load has been properly rigged to the crane, and that the crane is up to date on its inspections and maintenance.

Recently, OSHA has seen an increase in injuries caused by crane accidents, most of which were completely preventable. In response to these increases, OSHA decided to take action. OSHA will conduct significantly more inspections of crane equipment, as well as training and on-site consultation for those companies using cranes. In addition to these increased measures, federal law already includes a number of provisions that govern crane safety. Twenty-five states have also developed their own version of these safety laws.

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