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Defective Toys

While usually fun and harmless, toys can pose serious dangers to our children when they are defectively designed or manufactured. Indeed, children are particularly vulnerable to the perils of defective products. Thousands are killed and more than 200,000 are injured every year from defective toys. High profile toy manufacturers are incessantly recalling products after they find out that they are hazardous. The problem is usually in the design of the toys. Common hazardous toy designs involve small parts that create choking risks, flammable materials, use of toxic substances like lead paint, cadmium or chemicals, jagged or sharp edges, ropes or strings that create strangulation risks, and projectile or launching toys that can cause eye and other injuries. The dangers of poorly designed toys are amplified when there is a manufacturing process error or when there are inadequate warnings or instructions regarding proper use.

How to protect children from dangerous toys:

Here are some tips that we can all use to protect our children from dangerous toys:

  • Check for labels indicating that the toy has been tested by an independent organization.
  • Even with new toys, wipe them down with soap and water. Make sure you dispose of plastic packaging, which can cause children to suffocate.
  • Take warnings seriously.
  • Take age recommendations seriously. If your child is below the noted age, the toy could involve small parts that create choking hazards.
  • Supervise play whenever you can. When your child is in a different environment (i.e. daycare, school, a grandparent’s house), familiarize yourself with that environment and talk to the person watching your child about toy safety.
  • Be aware of toy recalls.
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