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Electronic Cigarette Explosions

Electronic cigarettes hit the market in 2007 and became immediately popular. Hailed as a safer, smokeless alternative to traditional cigarettes, e-cigarette sales skyrocketed. Today, there are more than 400 brands of e-cigarettes on the market in the United States. Unfortunately, these relatively new devices are linked to multiple serious short and long-term health risks, from cancer to a condition known as popcorn lung. But one of the most immediate dangers is the risk of e-cigarette explosions. Contact a Boston Personal Injury Lawyer today.

E-Cigarette Injuries and Death

Multiple e-cigarette users have been injured due to explosions, and at least one victim was killed. Reported injuries include:

  • An Alabama teenager was injured when a classmate’s e-cigarette exploded in class.
  • A Denver man was seriously injured when flames and battery acid from an exploding e-cigarette burned his leg.
  • A Florida man was hospitalized when his e-cigarette exploded, resulting in serious burns to his face and lungs.
  • One woman suffered severe burns and dental damage when her e-cigarette exploded.
  • A Kentucky man suffered third degree burns when his e-cigarette exploded while waiting in line at a store.
  • A 62-year-old Englishman was killed when an e-cigarette exploded, causing a nearby oxygen machine to explode.
  • One man had to have an index finger amputated and surgery on his tongue after he was injured by an e-cigarette explosion.

In addition to injuries, e-cigarettes also cause property damage. In one recent case, an incompatible charger caused a fire that ignited an air-horn canister. The resulting explosion destroyed a significant part of a home.

The e-cigarette industry in the United States is worth about $1.5 billion, and that figure is projected to be $10 billion by 2017. Until recently, e-cigarettes were left largely unregulated. In light of mounting lawsuits, however, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has ramped up restrictions on production, marketing, and sales. Hopefully, this increased regulation will reduce the risk of explosions over a period of time. But e-cigarettes imported from China, and the use of incompatible chargers, still pose a serious risk.

Why do E-cigarettes Explode?

E-cigarettes are powered by a Lithium-ion battery. Unfortunately, this type of battery – especially when contained in such a small device – is prone to leaking. When this flammable liquid leaks within a device that has overheated due to an incompatible charger, the device can explode. Explosions have resulted in serious injuries, including burns and lacerations to the face, tongue and mouth, property damage, and severe burns from fire and chemicals.

How to Avoid E-cigarette Explosions
  • When it comes to e-cigarettes, always buy American, and make sure it’s a known and trusted brand.
  • Always read instructions thoroughly
  • Do not let your e-cigarette overheat
  • Never use a charger other than the one that came with your device
  • Never leave your device on the charger for longer than necessary
  • Keep your device away from liquids at all time.
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