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Home Depot Injuries

Home Depot is one of the most popular home improvement, hardware and consumer goods stores in the United States, with thousands of locations across the country. Millions shop at Home Depot annually, which means there is plenty of opportunity for injuries to occur on their premises. If you or a loved one was injured in an accident which occurred at Home Depot for which you think the store could be liable, contact an expert Boston-based personal injury attorney at Altman & Altman LLP today.

Potential dangers at Home Depot are numerous. Not only do they sell some dangerous products – like circular saws, nail guns and various grinders – they design their stores to resemble large warehouses. This means that merchandise is oftentimes stored on high shelving units, which may fall during retrieval and cause an injury, or the shelving units themselves may malfunction and cause a devastating crushing injury.

Slip and fall injuries may also occur in Home Depot if an employee didn’t mop up an entryway during a rain or snowstorm, or left a spill unattended to in an aisle. Home Depot utilizes concrete flooring throughout their stores – with no carpeting or rubber mats to provide traction – so a slippery spot in Home Depot is not only more treacherous, the resulting fall can be much more painful and cause more severe injuries.

Injuries can also occur to the employees of Home Depot, as well. Employees may have to retrieve or stock merchandise through the use of ladders, scissor-lifts or forklifts, which carry with them a whole host of their own risks and potential for injury from tipping, falls and crushing injuries from merchandise.

Home Depots also have particularly large parking lots to accommodate the high volume of traffic they receive. Parking lots are common areas for people to be injured in car accidents or by slip and falls if the parking lot is not properly sanded or salted during inclement weather.

Was Home Depot negligent, resulting in an injury?

As with any personal injury claim, it must be proven that the property owner – in this case Home Depot – was negligent in its legal responsibility to ensure a reasonably safe shopping environment for its customers. To recap, any of the following scenarios which resulted in an injury may render Home Depot potentially liable if the injured individual was to file a claim for damages:

  • An unsecured piece of merchandise falls from a high shelf, crushing a person and breaking their leg
  • An employee doesn’t mop up a spill or puddle of water near an entryway during a storm, and also fails to put out a sign warning of the slippery surface. Somebody slips on the floor and breaks their hip.
  • Someone slips and falls in the parking lot because it was not properly sanded or salted during a spat of cold and stormy weather.
  • A warehouse worker is told to hoist too much merchandise in one forklift load, causing the forklift to tip and concussing the worker after he falls from the machine.

There are many more examples of injuries which may occur at a Home Depot, and the experienced personal injury attorneys at Altman & Altman LLP have advocated on behalf of people who suffered such injuries for over 50 years. We will provide the best chance for you to collect compensation to pay for your medical expenses and recoup money from being unable to work.

We provide free consultations to go over the details of your specific case and assess what options you have available to you. We are conveniently located in Cambridge, Boston and Salem, and service clients all over Massachusetts.

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