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Inadequate Lighting Accidents

When property owners fail to keep their premises adequately lit, accidents happen. The resulting injuries can be extremely serious or fatal. Injured persons may be able to seek compensation from property owners and managers who fail to keep their premises free from unsafe conditions, like poor lighting – and Altman & Altman LLP has been helping clients like these from all over the Massachusetts and Boston area for decades, meaning we can absolutely help you too if you’ve been injured.

Inadequate lighting can lead to serious injuries resulting from slips and falls, collisions or other similar incidents which can break bones, cause serious ligament damage, concuss victims or even threaten their lives. These injuries can result in expensive medical procedures and lengthy recovery time, all of which can jeopardize your mental and financial wellbeing. Assessing whether or not a property owner was at fault can potentially lead to financial compensation to help address these concerns.

What are Some Examples of Common Inadequate Lighting Accidents?
  • Inadequately-lit staircase and stairwell accidents
    Owners who leave their stairs inadequately lit put themselves and any visitors they may have in danger. A person attempting to walk down a badly-lit staircase could very well slip or trip on an unseen obstruction and cause them to fall down the stairs. Dark stairwells can also be hot spots for criminal attacks, which can leave victims hurt or even worse, potentially dead.
  • Inadequately-lit parking lot accidents
    Dark or inadequately-lit parking lots, like dark stairwells, present the dangers of criminal attacks. Parking lots are dangerous enough at night, but when they do not have adequate lighting, the threat of a criminal using the situation to their advantage to victimize you becomes even greater. Inadequate lighting prevents individuals from seeing suspicious people or conditions, and robberies, beatings, assaults, sexual attacks, and more can happen as a result.
  • Inadequately-lit walkways
    Walkways that do not have adequate lighting can cause slip and fall accidents. When there is poor lighting along a walkway, it can be difficult or impossible to see cracks, holes, unlevel spots, or snow and ice. An inadequately-lit walkway could also shroud an attacker in darkness, waiting for the right opportunity to strike.
  • Inadequately-lit pool areas
    Inadequate lighting around a pool is a serious hazard. For example, one can slip on a puddle in the dark can cause an individual to suffer serious fall injuries like broken bones, or even cause them to fall into the pool and drown.
Let us Fight for you

At Altman & Altman LLP, we represent adults and children who have been injured in the Cambridge/Boston area and throughout Massachusetts. We know that inadequate lighting accidents can cause severe physical and financial problems, and if you’ve been involved in such an accident, our attorneys would like to speak with you. We’ve handled scores of premises liability cases throughout our more than 50 years of experience in personal injury practice, and we consistently get excellent results.

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Client Reviews
David was very aggressive and professional with the insurance companies in this settlement of this case. He kept me up to date on a regular basis through the whole process. I can't thank David and his staff enough and strongly recommend them to anyone. - Edward M. Newton MA
On the behalf of all the Bikers in Massachusetts .... Dave Altman is the man you want representing you. He treats you like family from day 1. His team will recovers any and all damages you are entitled too. Tell him Kathy sent you. - elentless MC
Rick Floor is who I often to go to and he is amazing! Great customer service, and always exceeds my expectations but the whole office is always pleasant and helpful when I call or walk in! - Rita
I am not very good at words. I was involved in a horrible accident. David and his team (Thank You Asia & Rick) are wonderful, talented and compassionate. If it were not for their help, I don’t believe the outcome would be as good as it is. I am glad my case is settled, Altman & Altman are my go to team from now on. Thank you so very much. - Christine F M Teixeira
Exceptional team of attorneys, very helpful and knowledgeable. - Nikki Vee