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Inadequate Supervision at Nursing Homes

Nursing homes should be places where we are able to trust a trained medical staff to take care of our senior loved ones when we are no longer able to care for them in the way they deserve. Sometimes nursing homes are understaffed and are unable to provide the adequate attention necessary for the elderly individuals they serve. Sometimes this failing leads to serious consequences for seniors, and when that happens you should contact the Boston-based expert elder abuse attorneys at Altman & Altman LLP right away.

A lack of supervision can lead to serious consequences for senior citizens, including everything from accidental slips and falls leading to serious medical trauma to horrific sexual abuse from other members of the nursing care facility who take advantage of the situation before them. Nursing care facilities have a responsibility to provide a high standard of care and attention to their clients, so any incidents which are allowed to occur due to a lack of attention may be the basis for a claim against the facility.

Standards of Nursing Homes in Massachusetts

Ensuring that nursing home facilities have enough personnel to adequately supervise and watch over their senior residents isn't simply wishful thinking in Massachusetts, it is also the law.

According to the 105 CMR from the Department of Public Health, the official standards for long-term care facilities:

At all times, each facility shall provide a sufficient number of trained, experienced and competent personnel to provide appropriate care and supervision for all residents and to ensure their personal needs are met. - 105 CMR, Section D, subsection 1

In addition of this standard of supervision, the law also requires that nursing home nurses have a supervisor of their own to ensure they are performing their duties to a proper standard applicable with state law. This means that multiple parties within a nursing home can be liable for injuries sustained to a senior resident in a situation where that resident should have received supervision from a staff member.

Nursing home facilities also have a requirement to supervise the dietary needs of their residents. So if a resident is allergic to a certain ingredient, the nursing home is required to be aware of this and prevent that resident from suffering an allergic reaction as a result of ingesting that allergen. This responsibility can also be extended to certain dietary needs, such as nutritional needs due to certain illnesses or nutrient deficiencies. If a resident is not provided with nutrients they need to thrive, the facility may be liable if they suffer as a result.

The administration of medication must also be supervised to ensure that senior residents are given the proper medication in the correct dosage. This practice must be performed by a primary care provider, registered nurse of a licensed practical nurse. Medications must be kept under adequate supervision as well to ensure there is no abuse of medication or improper administering of medication.

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These are just some of the areas where nursing homes may fail in their state-mandated responsibility to supervise their senior residents. For a full examination of your case, contact an experienced elder abuse attorney at Altman & Altman LLP today. We have over 50 years of experience practicing in Boston and throughout the Massachusetts area and are well versed in a wide range of cases involving senior citizens.

Whether your elderly loved one was hurt, took the wrong medicine or had a dietary need that was ignored or improperly administered, the attorneys at Altman & Altman can help you file a claim or a suit against a liable nursing home facility that can result in financial compensation for their pain and suffering which can help you find a new facility to take proper care of your loved one.

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