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Loss Of Vision Caused By Work Incident

Injuries at work can result in big expenses and lots of fear, not knowing if you’ll be able to pay your bills or if you’ll be able to collect workers’ compensation – especially if your company tries to claim they aren’t responsible for the injury. Injuries that affect your eyesight can be particularly upsetting, as these injuries can cause debilitating consequences for life. The personal injury attorneys at the Cambridge firm of Altman & Altman LLP can help ease your worries and get you the money you are legally entitled to.

A loss of vision can be even more terribly upsetting than other work injuries. We rely on the sense of sight to help us navigate our daily lives, so losing that sense abruptly – even if it’s just a lessened quality of sight – can be a traumatic experience in addition to the physical challenges associated with it.

A loss of sight will likely mean you have to pay for corrective lenses, corrective surgery or undergo a total transformation without the use of your vision, which will require counseling and learning how to utilize adaptive technologies. These implements do not come free of charge and can be made even more difficult by the fact that you likely won’t be able to work in the same capacity you did prior to the accident.

What Caused Your Vision Loss at Work?

Vision loss can be incurred by a variety of means, however most sudden losses of vision occur due to some kind of traumatic event. This could mean the eyeball was physically harmed or destroyed by an incident – such as a corrosive chemical being splashed into your eyes, or a projectile or piece of debris made contact with your eyeball following a malfunctioning piece of equipment or work procedure gone awry.

In the instance of work injuries, the burden is always on the employer to ensure a safe workplace for their employees. This means that if an injury that caused your eye loss could have been reasonably prevented, you have a rightful claim to workers’ compensation or a personal injury settlement as a result.

For example, if you work in construction and were grinding a piece of work, but were not given proper eye protection to do the job, the company would be wholly liable if a piece of steel broke off from the grinding and flew into your eye, causing total vision loss in the eye. At the very least, you would be entitled to receive workers’ compensation or disability payments as a result, but a personal injury claim could also be looked into by our attorneys.

In other cases, a lack of proper protocols or training could lead to an injury. For example, if an employee of an industrial cleaning service was not given proper training that the vapors from certain chemicals could cause corrosive damage to the eyeball, that employee could make the claim they were not properly protected from the hazards of their job.

We Hold Employers Accountable

No matter how your injury occurred, we believe that employers all have a high burden of responsibility to ensure that their employees are not at an adverse risk of harm from simply doing their jobs. This means that proper training must be given to all employees dealing with potentially hazardous situations, and proper protection – like safety glasses, goggles or other accessories – must be given to those who are doing potentially dangerous work.

Eyesight is too precious of a sense to mess around with, and our attorneys have over 50 years of experience helping our clients from Cambridge, Boston and throughout Massachusetts get the legal help they need to hold employers accountable for injuries that take this vital sense away due to their negligence.

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