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MBTA Platforms / Facilities Accidents

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) operates 145 subway stations on its five-branch underground system, and operate an additional 138 stations along their 12 lines of their Commuter Rail service. These stations see traffic from tens of millions of riders every year.

However a common misconception is that injuries are only a risk once a passenger boards a bus, a train or another mode of transportation. In fact, many people are injured before even boarding at all. In such incidents, depending on the type of injury and the circumstances surrounding it, you may be entitled to seek action against the MBTA for negligence, and may be entitled to significant financial compensation to pay for medical expenses and ease pain and suffering that may result from your accident.

There are many ways somebody may become injured on a subway or commuter rail platform, and these injuries may not always be the result of simple human error and accidents. The only way to ensure that you aren’t missing out on potential money from a settlement is to confer with an experienced attorney.

Platform Injury Types

It is no mystery that a train station can be a dangerous place. There is a large risk of slip and fall accidents from the many different staircases and large areas exposed to the elements, there is the potential for falls from large heights, as many platforms are elevated to load passengers onto the trains and there is the chance that pieces of the facility itself may malfunction and injure someone – such as a light fixture breaking and falling from the ceiling.

The most common form of injury that may occur at a train station is a slip and fall injury. Especially during a classic New England winter, platforms can become slippery and dangerous to just about anyone, but particularly dangerous to the elderly and people with motor function disabilities.

It is the sole responsibility of the MBTA to ensure that any slippery surfaces are properly cleaned up or at least identified in the form of clear signage or markings to make people aware of the dangers in the area. Should such a hazard be left unnoted and uncleaned, any slip and fall that results in an injury as a result of this hazard would render the MBTA immediately liable due to negligence.

Falling injuries, while less common, can still occur. High platforms should be secured with proper guardrails to ensure that riders are not able to easily fall backwards and off of a platform, which can result in serious injuries and even death. At the front of a platform such a barrier is obviously not feasible, since riders need access to a train. However there must be a strip of yellow, textured surface that makes it clear the rider is close to the edge of the platform.

If such a warning system is damaged, missing or otherwise not present, a fall from the front of the platform and onto the train tracks could result in a serious or life threatening injury that also would be the fault of the MBTA, since they did not adequately warn about how close one was getting to the drop-off area of a platform.

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