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Medicare Billing Fraud

Medicare fraud happens every day and you the taxpayer are footing the bill to the tune of billions of dollars a year. Now the government has created new laws to reduce this fraud and provide very significant rewards for those people who reveal. The reward that a whistleblower can recover may be up to 30% of what the government collects.

The Medicare system is designed to provide healthcare services to certain qualified individuals – namely people age 65 or older. When medical professionals and other individuals commit fraud against the U.S. Government, the funds that should be spent treating Medicare patients end up in the hands of wrongdoers.

Medicare billing fraud costs the American taxpayers billions of dollars each year. In order to combat Medicare billing fraud, the United States Government relies heavily on private citizens to root out these offenders. Under the False Claims Act, private citizens may bring a lawsuit against those perpetrating Medicare Billing Fraud on behalf of the government and get back a percentage of the money recovered.

Filing a Medicare Billing Fraud Qui Tam / Whistleblower LawsuitThe False Claims Act contains a qui tam provision - commonly referred to as a “Whistleblower” provision, which entitles private citizens with knowledge of Medicare billing fraud to recover a percentage of the financial recovery on behalf of the U.S. Government. Medicare Billing Fraud Lawsuits brought under this provision are often very complex. For that reason it is often in one’s best interests to hire an experienced attorney to handle their case.Medicare Fraud Whistleblower Representation at Altman & Altman, LLP

For over 40 years, the Law Firm of Altman & Altman has provided exceptional legal services to clients throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We have recovered millions of dollars in settlements and jury awards on behalf of our clients. Our firm has the resources and knowledge necessary to bring a Medicare Billing Fraud Lawsuit against large organizations and companies.

Our skillful Massachusetts Medicare Billing Fraud Lawyers handle all types of Medicare fraud, including:

  • Billing for Medical Goods and/or Services not Actually Provided
  • Up-coding
  • Performing Unnecessary Tests or Procedures
  • Double-Billing for Services or Equipment
  • Medical Equipment Fraud
  • Unbundling

At Altman & Altman, we appreciate the important role played by whistleblowers in combating Medicare Billing Fraud being committed against the American taxpayers. Our experienced MA Medicare Billing Attorneys will handle every aspect of your qui-tam (whistleblower) lawsuit and will ensure that all necessary steps are taken in order for you to file a qui-tam lawsuit on behalf of the government. In addition, our team of Massachusetts Qui-Tam Lawyers provides whistleblower clients with legal protection against unlawful retaliation for disclosure of fraudulent acts.

If you know of a Medicare Billing Fraud begin committed against the U.S. Government, please Contact the Law Firm of Altman & Altman to schedule a Free Initial Consultation with one of our experienced Greater Boston Medicare Billing Whistleblower Lawyers.

Our phones are answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All emails received by the firm are responded to immediately.

Our attorneys understand the extreme sensitivity surrounding Qui Tam/Whistleblower cases. Call us to set up a confidential consultation.

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