Construction Workers

Nail Gun Accidents

Nail guns can fire projectiles up to 1,400 feet per second. They literally shoot nails into wood, steel or concrete. With that kind of power, there is also enormous capability for injury. Because of their widespread use at both construction sites and at home, operators and bystanders are frequently injured because of nail guns. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 37,000 Americans are sent to the emergency room every year as a result of nail gun injuries. Most nail gun injuries involve the hands, but there are an increasing amount of nail gun injuries involving the eye, head, back, and even death. The wounds can be bone-deep and can cause serious infections. Nail gun injuries are similar to shrapnel-related injuries and are extremely painful and traumatic. Common causes of these accidents include: defective equipment, unsafe work environments, and the negligence of employers or co-workers.

What to do if you have been injured in a nail gun accident:

If you have suffered an injury because of a nail gun accident, your first priority is obviously to get medical care. You should also speak with a personal injury attorney who can tell you about the possibility of compensation.

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