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Negligent Shopping Center and Mall Security

Malls bring crowds, and crowds can lead to injuries and crime. Whether you are injured as the result of negligence within a store in the mall, or you were victimized by an opportunistic criminal who was able to take advantage of insufficient mall security, contact a personal injury attorney from the Cambridge firm of Altman & Altman LLP today to get started on a claim for financial compensation, regardless of where the mall resides – we advocate for clients in the Greater Boston Area and throughout Massachusetts.

Malls are filled with people walking around with money, especially during the holiday season, and this is another characteristic that makes malls and shopping centers attractive to criminals. Additionally, malls have packed parking lots, which criminals might be drawn to, and numerous entrances and exits which can provide a quick and easy escape. All in all, malls and shopping centers can be dangerous places.

Inadequate Security That Places Customers at Risk is Negligence

Much attention was drawn to the inadequacy of mall security after the December 2007 shootings at the Westroads Mall in Omaha left nine dead and five seriously injured, and the National Institute of Justice uncovered some startling information. The Institute found problems with hiring standards for mall security, training of mall security in preventing attacks, the amount of money that has been used to upgrade security since 9/11, and the amount and quality of risk assessments and emergency plans developed.

As this study showed, if you have suffered an injury because of an attack in a mall or shopping center, it is very possible that it was the result of negligent security, and this could mean that you may be entitled to compensation from the mall as a result of suffering an injury due to their inability to reasonably prevent the attack or accident.

Additionally, injuries can occur at malls that don’t involve attackers or criminals. Slips and falls can occur due to floors that are left slick, merchandise can fall from shelves and cause crushing injuries, and escalators and elevators can result in tragic accidents that can cause traumatic injuries or even cause wrongful deaths.

Tips to Help you Protect Yourself in Malls and Shopping Centers

Shop during the day. If you have to shop at night, try to go with another person whom you trust and can keep an eye out or you. Don’t overload yourself with bags or packages so that you can keep your line of sight clear. Park in a well-lit area.

If you have been attacked or otherwise injured at a shopping mall or shopping center, and you think that you might have a personal injury claim against the mall or store within the mall, call an experience personal injury lawyer from Altman & Altman LLP today. Our attorneys have a combined experience of more than 50 years, and we have practical skills and an attention to detail that can’t be beat.

We have handled cases in all areas of personal injury law and we have developed an excellent reputation for success. Call our personal injury attorneys at 617.492.3000 or 800.481.6199 toll-free, or contact us online for a free consultation. We are available 24/7 to answer any questions that you might have.

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