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Negligent Stadium Security

While sporting events are fun and usually quite safe, stadiums (especially larger ones) can invite attacks for a variety of reasons. Sadly, being injured at a stadium is a distinct possibility for every stadium-goer, and if you or a loved one became a victim, you may be entitled to financial compensation due to the stadium owner failing to enact adequate security. Whether the incident happened at Gillette in Foxboro or Fenway Park in Boston, the Cambridge-based firm of Altman & Altman is here to help you.

Stadiums Require Good Security, and the Stakes are High to do so

Stadiums are one of the most popular venues for all different kinds. The events held within them draw massive crowds of people all gathered in one place. Mostly, these people are paying attention to the game or whatever attraction is going on at the time, and are not suspicious or wary of the people around them or other potential dangers.

In recent years, the concern that stadiums could be targets for terrorist attacks like shootings and bombings has been on the rise – and those fears have unfortunately been justified in the wake of incidents like the Manchester Stadium suicide bombing of 2017, which occurred shortly after a performance from Ariana Grande had concluded. In addition to these types of worst fears coming true, other less serious incidents can cause stampedes that can kill or seriously injure persons in stadiums. With emotions running high, riots and violence can break out fairly easily.

With all of these potential dangers, the need for adequate stadium security is enormously important. Owners and managers of sports stadiums need to take reasonable steps to make sure that persons on their property are protected from foreseeable harms. If you suffered an attack at a stadium, you could be entitled to compensation if the injury resulted from an owner’s failure to provide adequate security. This could mean there was a lack of adequate security guards, a lack of security cameras or some other means of inadequate security – which could constitute negligence on part of the stadium owner.

Stadium Safety Tips
  • Be aware of the closest exit
  • Be on the look-out for suspicious behavior, odd people, unattended bags, etc.
  • Be a good sport. Don’t get involved in fights, riots or any other form of violence. If you think that a fight or riot is about to break out, leave the area as quickly as you can.

If you or someone you know has been attacked in a stadium and you suspect that negligent or inadequate security is to blame, call a personal injury attorney today. The personal injury attorneys of Altman & Altman LLP would be pleased to help you in any way we can. We offer over 50 years of experience, a thorough understanding of the law, compassion and diligence. Our goal is to achieve justice for you and your family, and we will aggressively pursue compensation for your injuries, medical expenses and more.

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