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Neonatal and Postnatal Infections

Newborn infants are at a higher risk for developing infections, especially within the first month or so of being born due to their immune systems not being developed to fight off viruses and bacteria that cause illness. These illnesses can come from a variety of places, however if you believe that your infant was made sick due to any form of medical negligence, contact our Boston-based neonatal attorney team at Altman & Altman LLP today to get started on a claim or a suit.

Infants can become infected by various diseases while they are still in the womb through their mother's system, they can be infected during the process and they can become infected in the days after they are born. Sometimes these infectious diseases may be contracted due to contact with hospital staff or due to conditions being unclean in a hospital. In these cases, a case for medical negligence may be made as helping an infant overcome an infection can require longer hospital stays or even time in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Some examples of infections commonly caught by newborn infants include:

  • Listeriosis

    A bacterial infection, listeriosis can be caught from uncleaned, improperly cooked or unpasteurized food. Listeriosis can result in more serious diseases, such as pneumonia, sepsis and meningitis, all of which can be potentially fatal for a newborn.

  • E. Coli

    Similar to listeriosis, E. Coli can be contracted through coming into contact with the bacteria while in the hospital, but it can also be contracted naturally during birth. E. Coli can also lead to sepsis, meningitis and pneumonia, potentially fatal diseases for babies.

  • Meningitis

    An inflammatory illness which can be caused by viruses, fungi or bacteria, meningitis can be life-threatening or cause lifelong debilitation. Newborns can pick up any type of meningitis from an unclean hospital environment.

  • Sepsis

    An infection of the blood, sepsis spreads throughout the entire body and is capable of killing babies and adults in a very short matter of time. Sepsis can be contracted through viruses, fungi, parasites or bacteria, and can also result from unclean conditions in a hospital.

  • Conjunctivitis

    An inflammation of the eye's covering membranes, conjunctivitis can be caused by various factors, including an unclean hospital environment or contact with a staff member who has come in contact with the bacteria. While most cases aren't serious and can be cured with eyedrops, some severe cases may require hospitalization.

Hospitals Must be Responsible

All hospitals that assist in delivering babies are expected to have an impeccable standard protocol for ensuring that any birthing environment and post-birth area is kept clean and sterilized of any potential bacterial, viral, fungal or parasitic elements that can potentially infect a newborn baby or its mother. This responsibility extends to the members of the medical team, who must ensure that they sanitize their hands before coming into contact with the mother or newborn.

The days following a birth are crucial to a newborn's development, and any infection or irregularity can cause lifelong debilitating consequences or have potentially fatal implications - either of which are unfathomable if they are caused by a simple carelessness of a healthcare facility.

At Altman & Altman LLP, we have over 50 years of experience holding hospitals and medical staff accountable for mistakes that cause people undue and undeserved suffering. Neonatal infections can result in huge medical bills or much worse consequences that are borne by the family of a newborn, and we can help get you started on a path towards resolution.

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