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Nerve Damage From Surgical Error

Surgery includes inherent risks, but nobody is prepared to wake up from surgery without the ability to throw a baseball like they used to, or play a guitar as they have since childhood, or even simply perform their daily duties at work as they were accustomed to. Surgical errors which result in nerve damage are particularly upsetting for patients, and the Boston-based medical malpractice attorneys at Altman & Altman LLP can get you started on a medical malpractice suit to recover damages for your pain and suffering.

Surgery is undoubtedly a miracle of modern science and is a testament to the human race’s ability to overcome even the most difficult of problems. However surgery is also an incredibly complex process which often involves incredibly short time windows and precariously small margins for errors.

In operations where surgeons must perform minute actions around a vast array of blood vessels and nerves, one simple twitch, unexpected motion or jerking motion can cause a lifetime of pain and debilitation for the patient. Nerve damage is the most unforgiving damage a person can sustain, because once nerves are severed or damaged, they simply do not heal.

A patient might realize immediately they have suffered nerve damage following a surgery, or it may take some time before they utilize that specific nerve to perform an action when they notice. Signs of nerve damage following a procedure include:

  • Tingling or numbness sensations at the site of the surgery
  • Loss of function or partial loss of movement in extremities
  • Total loss of feeling in an area of the body or a more serious, permanent type of numbness
  • Total loss of function in a body part of over large areas of the body

These surgical errors are irreparable, and can cause life-altering effects on the patient. If you suffered nerve damage as the result of surgery, you may be unable to perform your duties at work, resulting in you needing to go on workers’ compensation or other form of disability to make up for being unable to collect a paycheck. Such a development can also have severe mental and psychological implications, as you grapple with being forced to adjust to an entirely new and more difficult way of living.

Hospitals are insured in the likely incident that their doctors and surgeons will, eventually, make some kind of mistake. Doctors and surgeons understand the enormous burden of responsibility they carry to not cause undue harm or suffering to a patient, and causing permanent or even partial nerve damage to a patient is an action which they must be held responsible for.

The medical malpractice specialists at Altman & Altman LLP have over 50 years of experience doing just that in the Boston, Cambridge and surrounding Massachusetts area. We have experience going against even the most profitable and large medical facilities in the state, and we will bring that unparalleled experience on your behalf in settlement negotiations or inside the court room, as we advocate for you to receive the financial compensation you need to carry on in life.

Nerve damage from surgery can be a costly mistake, as you may require additional surgery or treatments, and you may be unable to work, causing you to miss needed paychecks. Altman & Altman will work with insurance companies to ensure that you are able to pay bills and receive money to continue living your life. We will aggressively pursue negligent doctors and hospitals if necessary, and provide a steadying guidance through your most difficult times.

Call us for a free consultation to go over the details of your case today at 617.492.3000 or toll-free at 800.481.6199. We are available 24/7.

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