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Nuva-Ring Lawsuits

Women across the country are reporting health problems from having used the birth control device, NuvaRing. More than 700 women are suing Merck, the maker of NuvaRing, claiming that the birth control product caused life-threatening blood clots.

If you are experiencing health issues because of NuvaRing, you may be entitled to compensation through a NuvaRing lawsuit. At Altman & Altman, LLP, we are experienced in going after medical device companies whose products have caused injury. Our drug injury lawyers understand the enormous impact of NuvaRing injuries on the everyday lives of victims and their families.

How the NuvaRing Works

NuvaRing is a flexible plastic ring which is inserted into the vagina and provids birth control for three weeks. After that period, you remove the device for one week to allow menstruation to occur, and then insert a new ring.

NuvaRing prevents pregnancy by releasing hormones into your body, suppressing ovulation, similar to how combination birth control pills function. NuvaRing also keeps sperm from reaching the egg by thickening cervical mucus. It is currently the only vaginal hormonal contraceptive with FDA approval.

Health Risks of the NuvaRing

One of the most severe health risks associated with using NuvaRing is blood clotting. The FDA has received almost 1000 cases of people claiming to have experienced blood clots after using NuvaRing. When blood clotting occurs, the results can be tragic.

All types of hormone-based birth control involve a risk of blood clots. In the 1960s, birth control pills increased the risk of clots more than nine-fold. A decade after that, a second generation of pills was developed. They contained a gentler dose of the hormone and were much safer. NuvaRing is part of the third generation of birth control, using the hormone desogestrel. A fourth generation of birth control exists, sold under the names Yaz and Yasmin.

One of the most severe health concerns with third and fourth generation birth control products like NuvaRing is that they dramatically increase the risk of blood clots. In 2009, the British Medical Journal published studies of third and fourth generation birth controls, finding that women who took them were almost twice as likely to experience blood clotting than women who used second generation contraceptives.

NuvaRing actually has a lower hormone dose than most oral contraceptives, but while pills lose up to half of their hormones in the digestive tract, the ring’s dose is absorbed directly into the blood stream. Its package insert says there are no data on whether this makes NuvaRing more dangerous than pills, but those bringing forward lawsuits say this is because the company never studied the question, nor did the FDA demand it.

While the FDA hasn’t enacted a ban, it did conclude during its review process that NuvaRing’s label should “clearly reflect safety concerns about an increased risk” of blood clotting.

If You Have Health Issues from the NuvaRing

Our NuvaRing attorneys at Altman & Altman, LLP have represented injury victims for over 40 years. If you are coping with health problems due to the NuvaRing, please contact our drug injury attorneys at 617.492.3000 or by email for a free case evaluation. We are available 24/7, and there are no fees for our services unless we recover for you.

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