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Recreational Vehicle Accidents

Recreational vehicles are a popular way to have fun and get that adrenaline rush many people seek. Recreational vehicles are dirt bikes, motorcycles, three–wheeled vehicles, all terrain vehicles (ATVs), snowmobiles, sleds, and personal watercraft such as Jet Skis and WaveRunners. Whether it’s riding the slopes in the winter or riding the waves in the summer, recreational vehicles are widespread in Massachusetts. Recreational vehicles seem like a harmless way to have fun but the use of these vehicles can sometimes result in serious injury or even death if not used properly. Accidents can include collisions, crashes, rollovers, and more. Even with the utmost precautions, accidents can still occur and you may need to get a lawyer to help you. A lawyer can help navigate you through the legal process and get you on the path toward compensation.

Difference between Car Accidents and Recreational Vehicle Accidents

Recreational vehicle accident are much different than the traditional car accident. Typically, insurance plays a big role in the differences between car accidents and recreational vehicle accidents. Car accidents usually have drivers who have car insurance, while people who operate recreational vehicles aren't typically required to carry insurance. In these cases, most recreational vehicle accidents are covered under homeowner's policies. Also, a car driver is required to have a driver's license. This is not necessarily the case for someone operating a recreational vehicle. Other regulations, such as traffic laws, may not exist in the case of a particular accident. In this case, negligent supervision or negligent entrustment, especially if the driver is a minor or an inexperienced operator. Since recreational vehicle accidents are so different from a traditional accident it’s important that you work with a lawyer who has experience in these particular types of cases.

Injuries that May Result

While motorcyclists are typically required to wear helmets in the event of a crash, helmets are not required while traveling on most other recreational vehicles. Since the safety requirements for recreational vehicles are more lenient, the risk of injury may be higher. Many people don’t realize the dangers linked to recreational vehicles, since they are often associated with fun and entertainment. Sledding or jet skiing, for example, can seem harmless but can easily lead to serious injury or even death. Since safety gear isn’t required for most recreational vehicles, head and brain injuries, as well as amputations, back or spinal injuries, fractures and broken bones, as well as long–term or permanent disability can occur following a recreational vehicle accident. It may be possible to incur medical, nursing, and psychological expenses for care. Future home care, prosthetics and other devices, and other costs may be involved. These costs can be daunting for most people, especially if the injury prevents you from returning back to work.

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