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Scars & Disfigurement

Suffering an injury causes immediate, physical damage that can be devastating, but many people don’t think beyond the initial recovery to a traumatic injury. Many victims of injuries are left with permanent imperfections – scars or other disfigurements – that not only serve as a physical reminder to that trauma, but might also add emotional harm to their plight as well. At Altman & Altman LLP, we understand that scars or disfigurement can be a significant part of any injury, and we will help any individual seeking restitution regarding an incident that left them with lasting, scarring effects.


Scars are what remain after the skin has been wounded. Once the wound closes, new skin grows over the area. While the skin of a scar may be a different shade or texture than the undamaged skin around it, there are several factors that influence what a scar will ultimately look like. These include the type, location, size and severity of the original injury, how the wound was treated, and genetic factors.

Scars occur whenever the skin is opened and wounded due to accidents or surgical procedures. Scars commonly occur following injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents, animal attacks, and other serious accidents, but scars can occur following even the most innocuous or otherwise uneventful injuries, such as simple scrapes and cuts.

Scars initially may look red or thick, but most fade and heal over a period of time. Some people are prone to hypertrophic scars, which result in a red and raised bump over the original scar site. Others develop keloids, which are overgrowths of collagen that can grow beyond the size of the original wound.

The look of a fully healed scar may be enhanced by surgical procedures, dermabrasion, or laser treatment, though a scar will never resemble the skin's appearance that was there before the wound occurred. For some people, scars may not only serve as a painful reminder of an injury, but they can also drastically affect their quality of life, especially if the scarring appears on a particularly visible part of the body such as the face, chest or extremities.


Disfigurement is when a person has a scar, burn, skin texture, a missing body limb or a differently shaped body part that affects that person's appearance. Disfigurement may also lead to emotional or psychological distress over the concern of looking different from others. This can include negative body image, depression, concern about the reaction from other people in response to the disfigurement, and other problems.

Accidents of all kinds, including motor vehicle accidents, heavy machinery accidents, animal attacks, amputation, burns, and more, can all cause a person to become disfigured. Assault and other acts of violence can also lead to disfigurement. In addition to the initial injury that caused the disfigurement, which is traumatic in itself, having a physical reminder of your trauma can create emotional and psychological stress that causes other real issues in people, such as depression or suicidal thoughts.

Plastic or reconstructive surgery may be able to help a person who wants to minimize the look of the disfigurement. In some cases, surgery may fix the issue altogether. However, these operations are expensive and, in many cases, risky. Having the ability to collect financial compensation following an injury that causes scarring or disfigurement can go a long way towards being able to healthily recover from that injury, and any lasting physical complications that may go with it, such as scarring or disfigurement.

Do I Have a Case for Compensation?

This is the question that has led thousands of people to seek the help of Altman & Altman LLP over the course of its more than 50 years practicing personal injury law. We have a team of lawyers who are prepared to answer that question as it pertains specifically to your unique situation, and provide unparalleled one-on-one consultations that will leave you no doubt what your chances are of receiving compensation following an injury.

If you suffered an injury that resulted in scarring or disfigurement, and you feel as though someone should be held responsible for that injury, let us know. Contact us online or call for a free consultation to go over the details of your case today at 617-492-3000 or toll-free at 800-481-6199. We are available 24/7.

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