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Social Host Liability

When a drunk driver injures you or someone you love, the person who over served that driver may also be liable. In Massachusetts, any commercial establishment that was licensed to serve alcohol and knowingly served alcohol to a person who then drove drunk may be legally and financially responsible to compensate the injured. If that drunk driver was served at a private party however, the state imposes no criminal punishment, but it does impose civil liability. Although there is no statute in Massachusetts that imposes civil liability on a social host, the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts established social host liability in McGuiggan v. New England Telephone and Telegraph Co., 398 Mass. 152, 162 (1986).

Similar to the statutory liability imposed on commercial establishments, such as a bar or restaurant, a social host of a private party is liable for harm to a third party, caused by an adult guest if the host knew or should have known that the guest was intoxicated and served him anyway.

In McGuiggan, a third party was killed in a car accident after the driver was served alcohol by the host of a graduation party. The Court enumerated in McGuiggan that the duty of care giving rise to possible liability is based upon the host's ability "to control the liquor supply" and thus does not exist unless "the alcohol being consumed belongs to the host." Therefore, liability is not imposed on someone who buys a drink for someone else from a bartender or server at a commercial establishment, only if the host had possession and control of the alcohol. The simple question being, “who had the authority to deny further service of alcohol when intoxication became apparent?”  

If you are involved in an accident with a Massachusetts drunk driver or if you have been injured by the actions of an intoxicated patron you may have a cause of action against, not only the driver, but potentially the person or establishment that served him or her as well.

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