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Taxi Cab Accidents

Taxi cabs are one of the most convenient means of transportation available to both tourists and residents alike. In Massachusetts, especially in the Greater Boston area, taxi cab rides are very common. There are approximately 5,500 taxi cab drivers in the city of Boston alone. While the vast majority of these trips end without incident, numerous accidents involving taxi cabs are recorded each year.

Taxi cab drivers earn their income from fares based on mileage. As a result, taxi cab operators will often drive at high speeds and disregard traffic laws in order to maximize their earnings. This incentive to get the passenger to his or her destination as quickly as possible, coupled with the busy narrow roads of Massachusetts cities, greatly increases the risk of being involved in an accident.

Filing a Massachusetts Taxi Cab Accident Claim

Like all automobile accidents, injuries sustained in taxi cab collisions may result in catastrophic injuries or death. If you have been injured in a taxi cab accident, it is imperative that you seek immediate medical attention.

In addition to receiving medical attention, it is important that victims of taxi cab accidents contact an experienced attorney to handle the complexities that arise out of such an accident. Taxi cab accidents give rise to a unique set of laws and rules which vary not only from state to state, but also from city to city.

The attorneys at the law firm of Altman & Altman LLP understand the nuances of the law relating to taxi cab accidents and will vigorously advocate on your behalf to get you the compensation that you deserve. As a victim of a taxi cab accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, damage to personal property, and similar claims.

If a loved one has been killed in a taxi cab accident, the surviving family members may file a Wrongful Death Lawsuit. Our attorneys understand that there is no amount of money that can make up for the loss of a family member or loved one, yet our firm will make certain that you receive the financial compensation you deserve.

Our firm realizes that there are a great number of questions that may arise following a taxi cab accident. Our team of lawyers will give you and your case close personal attention and are available around the clock. We understand the enormous impact a taxi cab accident may have on the daily lives of our clients and will work diligently to obtain compensation for your injuries in a timely manner.

Who is Liable for my Injuries and/or Personal Property Damage?

Our Boston Taxi Cab Lawyers will carefully evaluate the specific facts surrounding your accident in order to determine which parties may be held liable. In a taxi cab accident, liable parties may include the cab driver, the cab company, manufacturers, and/or insurance companies.

Many of these cases involve complex legal issues due to the fact that numerous taxi cab drivers are employed as independent contractors which requires a careful evaluation of the legal relationship between the potentially liable parties. Furthermore, Altman & Altman LLP has successfully represented clients with products liability claims and lawsuits against manufacturers of defective automobiles and automobile parts. If the taxi cab accident was the result of a defective product, our attorneys will file a claim against the potentially liable manufacturer on your behalf.

A dedicated Altman & Altman LLP attorney will make certain that every potentially liable party is named in your Taxi Cab Accident Claim or Lawsuit. Having successfully negotiated and litigated millions of dollars in settlements and jury verdicts for victims of motor vehicle accidents, the lawyers at Altman & Altman LLP will be able to review your case and the structure of the relationship between the parties involved in order to get you the compensation you are entitled to.

For a free initial consultation with an experienced Greater Boston Taxi Cab Accident Attorney, please contact the law firm of Altman & Altman LLP. Our firm works on a contingency fee basis and will only receive payment if your taxi cab claim is successful.

Client Reviews
David was very aggressive and professional with the insurance companies in this settlement of this case. He kept me up to date on a regular basis through the whole process. I can't thank David and his staff enough and strongly recommend them to anyone. - Edward M. Newton MA
On the behalf of all the Bikers in Massachusetts .... Dave Altman is the man you want representing you. He treats you like family from day 1. His team will recovers any and all damages you are entitled too. Tell him Kathy sent you. - elentless MC
Rick Floor is who I often to go to and he is amazing! Great customer service, and always exceeds my expectations but the whole office is always pleasant and helpful when I call or walk in! - Rita
I am not very good at words. I was involved in a horrible accident. David and his team (Thank You Asia & Rick) are wonderful, talented and compassionate. If it were not for their help, I don’t believe the outcome would be as good as it is. I am glad my case is settled, Altman & Altman are my go to team from now on. Thank you so very much. - Christine F M Teixeira
Exceptional team of attorneys, very helpful and knowledgeable. - Nikki Vee