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If you or a loved one is need of attorney representation for personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful death, criminal defense, or bankruptcy law in the Boston - Cambridge, Massachusetts, area, you need the assistance of a lawyer that is experienced and hard working. You'll need attorneys who are dedicated to getting the best possible settlement for damages resulting from personal injury or death. You want to talk to the attorneys at Altman & Altman.

"Dear Attorney Altman,

I am writing to compliment your firm on the service provided me by Steven Goldwyn recently.

He demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of the issues I was facing and an attentive, solicitous attitude toward me. Though is schedule is busy, he fully explained the terrain, he was available when I needed him, he followed up - contacting me to check on my satisfaction, and he balanced a drive for success with empathy and good listening skills.

Thanks for your firm’s assistance through a difficult legal process."

- P. M.

"Dearest Steven,

Thank you for being the nice, sweet person that you are as well as being a fantastic attorney. Good job! It is impossible to say how much I appreciate what you have done for me. "You are great! I will always remember you. It is so nice to win..and yes, that check will do some important things for me. I wish you the best fortune for you with much success in every case you do. Please keep helping folks fight their battles like you did for me.

- S. Mathews

"Dear Mr Altman,

I wanted to express how happy my husband and I have been with the professionalism and service of one of your partners, Isaac Peres. With our previous lawyer, it took close to 3 years to reach a judgment. We were on the verge of dismissing the case, after 2 failed collection attempts. After serious consideration, we decided to find another lawyer. I was fortunate to locate Isaac, and happy to learn that he specializes in judgment collections.
After years of showing up for hearings that the defendant never showed up for, we were finally able to bring the defendant in for a deposition, with the representation of Isaac Peres. This resulted in the defendants desire to fulfill the repayment of the debt he owes to us. It is obvious to us that it was the way Mr Peres handled the seriousness of the situation, which shows integrity.
We highly recommend Isaac Peres to anyone who wants results."

- G. and P.

"Dear Steven A., Steven G. and Ingrid,

I can't begin to thank you for standing by me! I know how hard you worked. Steven, when I came to you years ago I never thought I would actually have to call you! Now, I've worked with the three of you plus three other lawyers at your firm and have been extremely pleased with all of them. So many friends have gone through your firm! For all you have done, for never turning my calls away, I thank you once again. For 'lawyers' turned 'friends' says it all. You have my sincere admiration."

- G.B., Boston, MA

"Dear Isaac,

To say you were invaluable is the understatement of the millennium. Thank you for all of your help, for putting up with my endless questions and challenges, and just listening to me go on about this case since 2006. You are a great lawyer, a credit to the profession and above al, a gentleman. Thank you for your patience and persistence. Ultimately, this all played out exactly as you said it would. You were as prescient as you were perspicacious. From the bottom of my heart, I am grateful to you and I will never forget what you did to help me on this case."

- B., Boston, MA

“Yesterday I said I would let you know if Ingrid Freire was as good as you said--she was! It was such a comfort having an attorney by my side, directing the courtroom proceedings, and ultimately getting the ticket off my record. Your firm was everything you represented it to be and I am so relieved to have this incident behind me. Ingrid was professional, smart and likable, putting me at ease, at least as much as possible. Hopefully I will never need her services again but I would not hesitate if there is a next time. Meanwhile, don't drive behind me, I am the SLOWEST car on the road. Thanks again to you, Ingrid and your firm for assisting me.”

- E.I., Boston, MA

"The attorneys at Altman & Altman made a very difficult time much easier. Not only did they aggressively and successfully settle my case, they did all the little things that really reduced the stress."

- J. T., Brookline, MA

“I have known the Altman brothers for years, and seek them for counsel on all of my legal matters. Their professionalism is beyond comparison.”

- G.C., Boston, MA

“I came to Dave Altman and Altman & Altman, LLP during a very difficult time in my life. They simplified the process for me and allowed me to tend to my family and our recovery.”

- L.F., Canton, MA

“I have found the attorney’s at Altman & Altman, LLP to be both talented and extremely easy to deal with. The team approach that the attorney’s take to assisting the client’s is both unique and highly effective.”

- C. S., Present Value, LLC

I just wanted to drop you this note thanking you and your firm of Altman & Altman for representing me over the years. The professionalism displayed by you and your staff has always been outstanding.