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Taking the train – whether an MBTA subway or commuter rail train or an Amtrak – is a daily necessity for over one million of Bostonians and many more who live outside of the major metro areas to get into the cities where they work. Many more members of the public rely on trains to get around inside the cities that they live. While riding a train is one of the comparatively safest modes of travel possible, accidents do occur. When a train derails and causes injuries, the Cambridge personal injury attorneys at Altman & Altman LLP are here to help you at any time.

With hundreds of miles of train tracks to maintain combined with a large fleet of aging trains that grow old at a much faster rate than the MBTA can replace them, the possibility train derailments is an unfortunate reality for riders who depend on these services. In the instance a train derailment occurs that the MBTA could have reasonably prevented, you may be entitled to financial compensation for any injuries you suffered as a result.

Some examples of potential suits against the MBTA or Amtrak or other train companies in the event of a train derailment could include:

Derailment Caused by Operator Error

Whether the conductor of the train was intoxicated, looking away from the controls or the tracks while distracted on their cell phone or otherwise not paying attention, a train derailment could be caused when an operator fails to yield or stop at a crossing, or fails to slow down prior to a turn. According to the Federal Railroad Administration, operator error is the number one cause for train accidents.

Derailment Caused by Obstructed / Defected Tracks

Perhaps ongoing construction caused a piece of equipment to be accidentally left on the tracks of an active railway, or work was incomplete or improperly done, or perhaps there was a failure of communication to ensure the train operator knew a certain length of track was unsafe. Through the years, tracks also endure harsh weather and can become warped or otherwise unsafe. Obstructed/defected tracks are the second most cause of train accidents, according to the FRA.

Derailment Caused by Signaling Errors

Train operators rely on a series of signals that indicate whether it is safe to proceed or if they have to wait for an obstruction to be cleared, a track to change its direction or any other number of important safety instructions. Should these signals be communicated incorrectly, it can result in disastrous accidents, such as train collisions or derailments.

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Train derailments are dramatic, terrifying and potentially deadly. While some train derailments may occur as the result of unforeseen circumstances, the majority of them occur due to some element of operator error – whether in the conductors themselves or in other areas such as signaling or track construction. The individuals or entity that employs them who display negligence and cause these accidents are liable for the injuries that result.

Even in the instances where derailments are caused by something other than operator error, such as a defective length of track, the organization responsible for maintaining and inspecting their train tracks may still be liable for the damages, as it is their responsibility to ensure the tracks are safe for travel and not at risk of derailments.

Compensation received from such instances can cover much more than just your expensive hospital bills and necessary payments for recovery, it may also make up for money lost from being unable to work while you heal up.

The expert personal injury attorneys at Altman & Altman LLP have over 50 years of experience advocating on behalf of our clients in Boston, Cambridge and throughout the Massachusetts area. We will stop at nothing to ensure you are compensated for any injuries or financial damage you sustain from a train derailment.

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