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Truck Accidents Caused by DUIs

Commercial truck drivers are like the blood stream of the country’s economy. They supply the commercial and industrial goods necessary for the functioning of society. With hundreds of thousands of trucks driving millions of miles annually, the risk of being seriously injured on the roads by a truck is significant. If the driver of that truck was using drugs or alcohol which caused the accident, the personal injury attorneys at Altman & Altman LLP will aggressively pursue the situation to ensure you are provided financial compensation.

It is against the law for anybody to get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol or certain mind-altering substances, as it contributes to a much higher likelihood of the driver making costly mistakes or failing to react in time, which can cause horrific or deadly injuries to other innocent drivers.

With truck drivers, it is all the more important that they follow the laws regarding driving while under the influence, as their trucks are much larger and more potentially deadly than regular passenger cars and trucks, and can potentially injure many more people at any given time.

At the same time, certain research has shown that truck drivers – due to the demanding, difficult, tiring and lonely nature of their job – are much more likely to drive while under the influence.

One study published by Reuters in 2013 showed that an alarming 50 percent of truck drivers surveyed in the U.S. said they had driven while under the influence of alcohol at some point in their driving career. Another 30 percent admitted to using amphetamines while behind the wheel.

Amphetamines – like cocaine and meth – may help people stay awake for short periods of time, but they also make people more impulsive and jumpy, and may cause hallucinations or a sense of vertigo. In short, a driver under the influence of amphetamines is overly impulsive and is much more prone to making a decision which could injure themselves or other motorists.

Let us fight for you

Injuries sustained in motor vehicle collisions can be deadly or severely debilitating just when dealing with passenger vehicles. When semi-tractor trailers or even larger trucks become involved, the chance of serious or deadly injuries increase exponentially.

If you or a loved one was injured in an accident with a truck driver who was proven to be under the influence, you have a rock solid case to pursue a civil suit against that driver, and the experienced legal team at Altman & Altman LLP have over 50 years of experience advocating on behalf of people who were injured in these types of situations.

Our team of professional personal injury attorneys understand how accidents can uproot your life. They create huge medical bills, make you miss time from work and put your future into uncertainty. Our team will help bring things back to normal, guiding you along the process of collecting a personal injury claim, ensuring that you get the most compensation possible to help pay your bills and living expenses.

If somebody else’s dangerous personal decisions resulted in you suffering a serious injury, that person should be held accountable – and that is exactly what we will do for you. We provide free consultations to all of our potential clients to assess a good legal strategy and figure out the best route for you. We will be there for you every step of the way in your recovery.

Our Massachusetts-based offices are convenient and offer an unparalleled quality of legal expertise. Call us for a free consultation today at 617.492.3000 or toll-free at 800.481.6199. We are available 24/7.

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David was very aggressive and professional with the insurance companies in this settlement of this case. He kept me up to date on a regular basis through the whole process. I can't thank David and his staff enough and strongly recommend them to anyone. - Edward M. Newton MA
On the behalf of all the Bikers in Massachusetts .... Dave Altman is the man you want representing you. He treats you like family from day 1. His team will recovers any and all damages you are entitled too. Tell him Kathy sent you. - elentless MC
Rick Floor is who I often to go to and he is amazing! Great customer service, and always exceeds my expectations but the whole office is always pleasant and helpful when I call or walk in! - Rita
I am not very good at words. I was involved in a horrible accident. David and his team (Thank You Asia & Rick) are wonderful, talented and compassionate. If it were not for their help, I don’t believe the outcome would be as good as it is. I am glad my case is settled, Altman & Altman are my go to team from now on. Thank you so very much. - Christine F M Teixeira
Exceptional team of attorneys, very helpful and knowledgeable. - Nikki Vee