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U-Haul Truck Accidents and Injuries

U-Haul trucks are a saving grace to many millions of people across the country, as they provide a low-cost and effective way to transport their precious items during long-distance moves, perhaps for permanent or temporary changes of living conditions or just moving an item of furniture to a new location. However the same reason that U-Hauls are so convenient is the same reason they can potentially be so dangerous – they require no special license or proof of good driving skills. If you have been injured by somebody negligently driving a U-Haul, contact the personal injury attorneys at Altman & Altman LLP today.

U-Hauls are not regulated like commercial trucks, and are treated differently under law. While the operators of commercial trucks – which are used in every different type of business and can range from small, four-wheel trucks to huge, 18-wheel tractor trailers – require special licenses to operate, which require additional training and classes, anybody can sign up for a U-Haul and drive it the same day.

As anybody who drives in Massachusetts knows, there are thousands of people out on the roadways every day who probably shouldn’t have access to a license to drive a small personal vehicle, let alone a moving truck (some of which can be quite large), which can cause severe harm if used improperly.

Negligence by the company

The Los Angeles Times found out in 2007 that, in over 200 U-Haul trucks examined, about half were a year overdue for basic service or maintenance, despite the company’s own policy requiring monthly inspections. Such vehicles would pose an even greater risk to the society around them, because they may have faulty tires, brakes, transmissions or a slew of other potentially dangerous problems.

In some instances, U-Hauls can go well above 200,000 miles within their lifespan, again causing potentially dangerous trucks to be left on the road and in the hands and control of potentially inexperienced or bad drivers with large loads in the back – which creates a whole host of other potentially hazardous conditions.

Negligence by drivers

Even if the truck is completely safe and up to the standards of the road, the driver is the ultimate and most important factor between a safe trip across the state and a dangerous accident waiting to happen.

Trucks loaded with cargo and that are larger in size do not handle or drive similarly to a passenger vehicle that a regular driver is used to. They take longer to brake, further to stop and cannot maneuver or turn at the speeds a driver may be accustomed to. This makes loaded U-Hauls a prime hazard to tip and potentially crush other vehicles or pedestrians, which can obviously cause serious or life-threatening injuries.

Drivers who are reckless when behind the wheel of a normal vehicle are not always likely to exercise more caution behind the wheel simply because they are in a larger truck – in fact, some users may actually become more dangerous due to an overinflated sense of confidence about being able to handle the more challenging vehicle.

As with all vehicles, a certain percentage of people will make the wrong choices while behind the wheel. Some will operate while under the influence of alcohol or other mind-altering substances, and some will drive for extended periods of time without taking adequate time to rest if they are moving a particularly long distance away.

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In any of these cases, both U-Haul and the person behind the wheel of the truck may be liable if you become involved in an accident that results in an injury. At Altman & Altman LLP, we have over 50 years of experience advocating on behalf of those who are injured through no fault of their own.

We will aggressively pursue negligent U-Haul drivers and, if necessary, pursue the company as well if the truck was in substandard safety conditions. We will craft a specialized legal strategy unique to your specific situation to ensure the greatest chance of a successful outcome.

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